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I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a phobia of some kind. As irrational as they sometimes appear, phobias are a key element of our DNA. It’s the body’s attempt to save us from a potentially threatening situation. It is when fear takes an unhealthy hold and we become overly afraid of something that it then becomes an issue and can affect our everyday lives.

Most phobias stem from something that has happened in your life, sometimes you are aware of what this could be but mostly it is hidden in the subconscious mind which is why hypnotherapy works so well.

A phobia is never stupid or irrational as if it is a fear to you then it is real to you. Phobias are all caused by inner emotion and they can be deeply disruptive, and the suffering is not always appreciated by others.  A phobia may be learned from parental or societal behaviour or if you had a terrifying experience as a child and was unable to deal with the emotions at the time you’d simply “block out” the memory of the experience and the feelings that went with it. If this happens then the feelings and emotions of that experience remain. As there is nowhere for these feelings to go, they remain inside of you, sometimes dormant for many years. When you next experiences something that you find you are unable to deal with this can awaken the original feeling of fear but not the memory of it. The psyche tries to make sense of the feelings and will project them outwards onto something, which in many cases, is totally unrelated to the original cause, in other words, it is a symbol of the emotion.

Most phobias are not directly related to the cause of the emotion, they are symbolic of it.

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