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Given the choice most people would do anything except public speaking.  Even speaking up at team meetings can be enough to bring many out in a cold sweat, felling of butterflies in your stomach or an upset stomach and sleepless nights.

The fear of public speaking generally originates from earlier experiences in your life generally childhood when you had to speak in front of people and it didn’t go well.  This could have been for example, reading aloud in class at school or collecting a presentation, sometimes you are aware of what this could be but mostly it is hidden in the subconscious mind which is why hypnotherapy works so well. 

Fast forward fifteen years and you find yourself in a situation where you are required to speak publicly. Even the mere thought of it is enough to trigger the stress response. The problem isn’t the actual public speaking but rather a deeper fear of what you think will happen when you speak in public.  Once we have identified the root cause for the fear (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, I will decipher this for you!) public speaking, anxieties around standing up in front of others can be a thing of the past.

Please call with no obligation if you feel you would like to discuss your own personal circumstances. 

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