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Are you scared of hypnosis?

Did you realise that you go into hypnosis throughout the day?

For example, if you drive, have you ever driven along a familiar route and suddenly thought “I don’t recall the last few minutes of that journey!” That is because you were on autopilot. You know the route so well that there was no thinking about which direction you needed to take, your conscious mind was relaxed, and your subconscious was in the driving seat.

Another example is if you’ve ever been engrossed in a film/music/book so much so that you may have other people in the same room as you are talking or making some noise, yet you’ve remained oblivious. Again, this is because your conscious mind is relaxed. You are focused on what has your attention.

This is the same state that is used for hypnosis. You are still aware of who is around you and what is going on. In fact, far from being out of control you are in a heightened state of awareness. The conscious mind is relaxed, allowing the subconscious mind to come to the fore and allow you to resolve issues naturally and timely.

So, if you are scared of trying hypnosis there really is no need to be, it’s a safe, natural state to be in.


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