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Fear of Spiders

If you're one of those people that have a huge fear of SPIDERS but would like to be free from it, I'm here to tell you that you can!!

Why? Because a phobia is a learned behaviour. The only fears we are born with is a fear of sudden loud noises and a fear of falling, everything else is learned! You WERE NOT born with a fear of spiders, it may simply stem from being told as a child to be wary of them or you may have seen someone else scared of them but it doesn’t really matter what the cause was it can be stopped.

How? On a conscious level, you know that your fear of spiders is irrational, however the fear has persisted because your very clever subconscious mind has associated fear and panic to the very thought of spiders. These associations can be changed using an effective combination of NLP & hypnotherapy, enabling you to overcome your fear of spiders.

If you would like more information please send me a message.


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