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I can get you to quit smoking in just ONE session.

A couple of years ago the largest study ever conducted into stopping smoking was undertaken (in America) It studied everything from will-power, nicotine patches, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum etc – and the conclusion was that:

“Most techniques turned out to be hopeless, hypnosis however came out as the most effective anti-smoking technique.”

The above comment was based purely on ‘suggestion therapy’ (normal hypnotherapy). I use the more advanced techniques.

If you want to stop smoking for good and have tried before but without success don’t beat yourself up about it.  This is because the habit has not been addressed and the habit is stored in the subconscious mind.  With hypnosis it relaxes the conscious mind allowing the subconscious mind to be accessed where it can be re-programmed to allow you to quit smoking.


The advanced hypnotherapy technique that I use has been mastered in the UK by the expert in the field, Valerie Austin and has been used for over 20 years. 

To ensure that you are a good candidate for stop smoking I offer a free consultation over the phone without any obligation. I only take on clients who I genuinely believe I can help.  I will also advise you on what you need to do before your session as you will leave the session as a non smoker. As it takes around 48 hours for nicotine to leave your system I will contact you on day 3 to check on your progress.  To give you peace of mind I also offer help if on the rare occasion you need it for up to 3 months. 

The benefits of stopping smoking through hypnosis is that with the specialist technique that I use you will not gain weight.  It’s much easier than going cold turkey, there is no need for nicotine replacement products and after just a few weeks your circulation will improve and you will look and feel healthier.

What you waiting for?  Call me now to see if you are a good candidate for quitting smoking with hypnosis. 

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